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4D Motion is the premier solution to capture human motion in three dimensions and is currently being used by medical institutions to improve performance, help prevent injuries and assist with rehabilitation. 3D motion capture is the future of human motion analysis, physical rehabilitation, health and medicine, but has been inaccessible to the general population. This has largely been due to complexity, lack of portability, and prohibitive costs. 4D Motion’s solution is portable, cost-effective and provides actionable insights that can make an immediate impact for anyone. The company’s small, lightweight, wireless sensors are placed on the body and analysis is provided in real time on any mobile device, in any location. 4D Motion has partnered with several prominent medical organizations and is in discussions with several other entities.

Adcuratio is an media technology company that enables advertisers to precisely target individual cable TV subscribers and serve them customized ads. Adcuratio’s national TV platform helps advertisers send different messages to different households within a single national TV ad spot. Their products help an advertiser maximize value by selecting the best message & frequency per individual across local and national addressable TV. With a decline in TV ad buys compared to digital advertising, TV advertising is in great need for a company to add value by delivering the reach of national TV advertising, but the precision of digital ads – it is here where Adcuratio fills the gap.

Consulting Clients

Ablative Solutions, Inc. (“ASI”) has developed and patented a unique product which is a treatment for uncontrolled hypertension. Having successfully completed human trials in Europe, ASI’s plan is to enroll and treat an additional 20-25 patients and to set itself up for a previously approved FDA IND clinic trial. The future trial will include 100 patients with industry leaders as principal investigators at blue-ribbon sites.

American Gas & Technology produces fully automated LNG stations, allowing for low-cost production of LNG at customer sites for use as transportation fuel. Their refueling stations take natural gas directly from a local utility company’s existing pipelines and produce, store, and dispense LNG. AG&T’s initial target market is high-mileage commercial fleet vehicles that return to base each day. AG&T will incentivize commercial fleet operators by paying all upfront costs associated with the installation and conversion of their vehicles to LNG in exchange for a 5-year Take-or-Pay Fuel Purchase Agreement for minimum LNG volumes priced at a discount to prevailing market prices for diesel or gasoline.

Aevum is a former client and provides comprehensive space logistics services to enable government and commercial customers to reliably deploy small payloads to any orbital destinations up to 2,000 km in a time frame as short as hours. The company has not only developed a revolutionary launch vehicle, but an entirely new launch architecture incorporating the launch vehicle, ground operations, mission management and ancillary services into a single product.

BlueFox is the most comprehensive SaaS product on the market designed specifically to count and track people in real-world physical environments. Currently, there is no industry standard of real-world people tracking similar to Nielson in media. Alternative solutions rely on camera technology or require individuals to install an app on their phone which proves to be inaccurate, only works in confined environments such as stores and infringes on personal privacy.

Cardboard Technologies was founded to repurpose recycled cardboard to serve as the primary material for many consumer products that have to date been made primarily from metal, wood and plastic. The company currently has three products in its pipeline and continues to develop new uses for over 200 patents worldwide regarding the use of cardboard and other recycled materials as a building material. The Cardboard Balance Bike is the first product to market, made entirely of recycled cardboard and plastic. It weighs 2.6 kg (5.7 lbs.), is waterproof, can be flat packed and shipped, assembled with minimal effort and tools, requires no maintenance for 3 years, and can be produced at ~$15 cost of raw materials.

Drillform designs, manufactures and services the next generation of automated drilling equipment. Their solutions seamlessly integrate with existing rig equipment and greatly reduce the number of personnel required on site. The Drillform team is comprised of the key members of Pragma Drilling Equipment, a drilling equipment company they founded and sold 5 years later.

Express Wash Holdings is an acquisition vehicle for acquiring and building express car washes in New York, Connecticut and North Carolina. The company was formed to build and scale a national express car wash platform in order to capture outsized shareholder value creation potential that is being driven by the institutionalization of the car wash industry and asset class. The management team has been assembled to cover a diverse range of experience across the car wash industry, with the CEO having been involved in over $300M of car wash transactions, the Head of Development having more than a decade of experience doing car wash industry acquisitions and repositioning's, and the Head of Operations being a well respected operator of a multi-unit franchise. The Express Wash Holdings platform is designed around an automated, technology enabled, labor light model that is focused on continuing to improve customer experience while delivering compelling returns to investors.

Foresite is a provider of managed security and cyber solutions supported by a highly differentiated and proprietary software platform. The Company’s full suite of service offerings includes: monitoring and alerting, device management, incident response, PCI, HIPAA compliance testing, and vulnerability assessments. With its unique channel partner marketing strategy, Foresite is able to leverage the vast resources and expertise of large, well-known VARs (Value-added resellers) and IT equipment manufacturers with a massive network of potential clients in need of their MSSP (managed security service provider) platform. Due to the level of integration deep into client networks and the value Foresite brings, to date, attrition is non-existent. As a testament to this, no client has been lost since inception.

Green Sense Farms Holdings, Inc. is a high tech agriculture company that designs, owns and operates indoor vertical farms in the US, licenses technology abroad and performs contract research and development. In the US, the company builds farms near their customers’ locations. By putting these farms at the point of consumption and distribution, logistics are simplified, operating costs are greatly reduced and produce is fresh and nutritious. The company has grown over 2MM plants and specializes in growing healthy, disease-free lettuces, micro greens, baby greens and culinary herbs; it also grows seedlings that can be directly transplanted into farms or greenhouses to grow to maturity.

Enterprise applications such as CRM software are essential for keeping businesses running smoothly. The problem is users aren’t productive in a CRM, but work in applications such as Microsoft Office, Outlook, Gmail and Slack. bridges the gap between enterprise applications and how people actually work by providing a dashboard in end-user applications (Office, Outlook etc.) that is able to access the essential functionality of enterprise applications and seamlessly synchronize data with the user’s everyday workflow. The core value proposition is based on complex, bi-directional and context aware data synchronization, smart data exchange, and A.I. data analysis.

Passport Systems Inc. has developed two product lines, SmartScan™ and SmartShield™, that transform what is possible in homeland security and cargo screening. The firm is pioneering the use of advanced technologies for the automatic detection of nuclear, radiological, and nonnuclear hazardous materials, as well as all manner of contraband in land, sea, and air cargo. These technologies are also applied to municipal and event security.

Phasor Inc. provides a key technology needed by all existing and new satellite constellations to enable the enormous transformation and growth in global telecommunications. Phasor’s patented electronically-steered antennas deliver true broadband services (> 100 Mbps) and reduce operating costs, enabling large savings on satellite bandwidth costs to operators and lower costs to users. Technically, the Phasor antennas can point simultaneously at multiple satellites in order to establish unparalleled “faster-than fiber” transmission links between multiple satellites overhead, ground stations and moving vehicles.

Pipeline is a boutique shared workspace operator that caters to business professionals and creatives who value social and productive aspects of a co-working environment with high design and a professional office culture. Members include creatives, independent professionals, and corporate teams from Fortune 500 companies. Pipeline has been operating shared work spaces since 2012 with 7 current locations. All locations are profitable and cash flow positive within 6 months of opening. Pipeline has an experienced management team, is well capitalized, has first class technology and is partnered with the top names in real estate including CBRE, Gensler Architecture, Yardi and Amicon Construction.

SCT&E LNG is developing a liquefied natural gas export terminal on Monkey Island in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, US. Southern California Telephone Company is the parent company of Monkey Island LNG, which has been established to develop the LNG facility and export terminal. Approval to export LNG from the terminal was granted by the Department of Energy in December 2015. A 30-year authorisation has been awarded to export 2.1 billion cubic feet a day (bcf/d) of natural gas or approximately 15.75 million tonnes a year (Mtpa) by ship from the proposed project destination.

TVision is the leader in TV performance metrics - an advertising technology firm that delivers real-time performance metrics for marketing effectiveness and efficiency. They use cutting edge technology to measure what was once unmeasurable - how people really watch TV. They're a venture-backed company, deeply immersed in the intersection of data, media, and advertising. TVision enables the media industry - brands, networks, and data partners alike - to reduce waste and drive greater marketing results.

Transform is a software company offering the first comprehensive platform that analyzes the creative essence of video content and measures how it triggers consumer actions, reactions and behaviors. By using this unique software, companies can answer the fundamental questions of how and why video content – tv shows, ads, trailers, local newscasts – directly attributes to viewing, subscriptions and purchases. Transform’s technology unlocks tremendous value for media companies. By introducing next-generation metrics, that go way beyond traditional and insufficient measures of audience size, Transform is providing new and powerful insights on media performance.

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