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4D Motion is the premier solution to capture human motion in three dimensions and is currently being used by medical institutions to improve performance, help prevent injuries and assist with rehabilitation. 3D motion capture is the future of human motion analysis, physical rehabilitation, health and medicine, but has been inaccessible to the general population. This has largely been due to complexity, lack of portability, and prohibitive costs. 4D Motion’s solution is portable, cost-effective and provides actionable insights that can make an immediate impact for anyone. The company’s small, lightweight, wireless sensors are placed on the body and analysis is provided in real time on any mobile device, in any location. 4D Motion has partnered with several prominent medical organizations and is in discussions with several other entities.

Adcuratio is an media technology company that enables advertisers to precisely target individual cable TV subscribers and serve them customized ads. Adcuratio’s national TV platform helps advertisers send different messages to different households within a single national TV ad spot. Their products help an advertiser maximize value by selecting the best message & frequency per individual across local and national addressable TV. With a decline in TV ad buys compared to digital advertising, TV advertising is in great need for a company to add value by delivering the reach of national TV advertising, but the precision of digital ads – it is here where Adcuratio fills the gap.

Aevum provides comprehensive space logistics services to enable government and commercial customers to reliably deploy small payloads to any orbital destinations up to 2,000 km in a time frame as short as hours. The company has not only developed a revolutionary launch vehicle, but an entirely new launch architecture incorporating the launch vehicle, ground operations, mission management and ancillary services into a single product. Ravn X is a reusable, three-stage launch vehicle and the only reusable launch vehicle in existence designed for small payloads. The first stage is a fully autonomous unmanned aerial system (“UAS”) powered by afterburning turbojet engines. The second and third stages are liquid rocket stages powered by staged-combustion liquid engines utilizing Jet A and liquid oxygen.

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