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RueOne is a next generation, independent private investment firm with a unique model – instead of funds – we offer direct and co-investments to our family office and institutional clients

We are an innovative private investment firm that offers investors access to unique direct and co-investment opportunities in private equity and venture capital. RueOne has the ability to sponsor deals as a general partner and also provide family offices and other institutional investors a single point of entry for transactions. The investments are sourced from our extensive proprietary, global network and undergo extensive due diligence by RueOne’s senior team and subject matter experts.

Our approach provides greater fee transparency, an alignment of incentives through our equity investment, and the opportunity for investors to have much greater control around their alternative investment activities. RueOne operates strictly as an investment advisor aligning interests with investors.

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RueOne has a unique and compelling value proposition for companies, enabling us to source high quality, proprietary private equity growth and venture capital investments on an exclusive basis. All of our investments are exclusive to RueOne and we do not rely on brokers, finders, placement agents, or other intermediaries.

For companies looking to raise private capital in a forward-thinking manner, outside of the traditional investment banking structure, RueOne provides capital and access to our deep pool of investment and operational expertise. We have an innovative approach to underwriting and structuring deals that differs greatly from traditional avenues of capital.

As an investment advisor, RueOne typically serves as the deal sponsor and a general partner, while also working directly with companies to underwrite, structure and syndicate deals. We bring institutional processes to each transaction which informs underwriting, diligence, negotiation, and monitoring.

Companies gain access to our wide global investor network, with exposure to family offices, strategic investors and other institutions who may not normally see their offering and who are often longer-term, more patient capital.

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